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Les Phénix Curling Club follows

The rules set forth by Curling Canada, available here:

The Phénix curling club general rules
Currently, the general rules are in French only. To view in French,
click here.

The Phénix curling club rules and code of ethics 

1. Sportsmanship: 

Teams shake hands before and after a game. After the game, the winning team buys the first drink to the losing team, who can pay for the second drink. 

2. Punctuality: 

Teams must start the game on time. If a team is more than 15 minutes late, the team loses by default. 
3. Team composition: 

A game can go ahead if teams are made up of a minimum of 3 players, including 2 regular team members. However, if a team only has 3 players, that team automatically looses the hammer. 

4. Absences and spares: 

If a team member misses a game, they must advise their skip or team members as soon as possible to find a spare.  
During regular season and playoff games, a player must be replaced with someone of equivalent or lower calibre and the spare must play at the lead position. If a team needs two spares, they must both play lead and second. The choice of a spare must be communicated to the skip of the opposing team before the game. 

There is a $10 fee per game for spares, payable to the treasurer before the start of the game. To add someone to the list of spares, you must inform a member of the committee. All spares must be registered on the list of spares to play a game and must be available to every team in the league. 

5. If a team cannot play: 

If a team cannot play a game, both teams must agree to reschedule a game at a later date. If both teams cannot agree on a date, the team who cannot play loses by default. The teams must inform the committee of any games that is to be rescheduled and rental fees are the responsibility of the team who asked the game to be rescheduled. 

6. Duration of games: 

The curling games are usually 2 hours long for 8 ends and only the losing team may decide to stop a game before the 8 ends. We ask that you play at least 6 ends to give the chance to all players to play. During the regular season, if a player need to leave, the team will finish the game with 3 players. For the semi-final and the final, the 8-end games will be played to determine a winner. 

7. Hammer and stone colour:  

During regular season games and during the playoffs, the team that appears on the right side of the schedule has the hammer and the other team selects the stones. (During the playoffs, the team with the higher ranking has the hammer, unless rule #3 applies.) 

8. Avoid slowing down a game: 

Players must be ready to deliver their stone or sweep as soon as the opponent delivered their stone. Skips and thirds must manage their time when discussing decisions and strategy. Every effort should be made to avoid slowing down a game. 

9. Player positions: 

To avoid blocking or distracting your opponents, players must place themselves at the appropriate position, based on the Curling Canada rules: 

         Members of the non-throwing team; 

                     a. The player waiting to deliver his stone must stand behind the hack. 

                     b. The sweepers must stay between the two hog lines, at the edge of the ice sheet and must remain motionless                                   while their  opponent is delivering a stone. 

                     c. Only the skip and third can be near the house while the opponent is delivering a stone. They must remain behind the house and motionless. 

         Members of the throwing team; 

                     a. The skip and third are in the house or the free guard zone when the stone is being delivered. They decide where to position the broom to call the throw. 

                     b. The sweepers are in the free guard zone where the player is about to deliver their stone. 

 10. Tied games: 

If a game is tied after 8 ends, each team throws one (1) stone with two sweepers to decide the winning team. The team with the stone closest to the button wins the game. For the semi-final and the final, an extra end will be played to determine a winner. 

11. Points: 

After the game, skips or thirds fill out the game sheet. 

They write the results of the game and a maximum of 4 points will be allocated as follows: victory = 4 points; victory after a winning draw to the button = 3 points; loss after a draw to the button = 2 point, loss = 1 points, loss by default  = 0 pt. 

Tied ranking:  

a) The results of the games played between both teams.

b) The result of the last game between both teams.

c) The result of games between the remaining teams after a first tiebreaker to determine who will rank the highest. 
d) A draw to the button per team with sweepers. 

12. Royal Montréal Curling Club rules: 

a) Clean shoes must be worn to avoid dirtying the ice sheets.  

b) Boots must be left in the lobby; please take off your boots before entering the change rooms. 

c) Jeans are not allowed on the ice. 

d) Food and drinks are not allowed on the ice. 

 e) We must clean the ice at the end of our game. The losing team is responsible for cleaning the stones area and the back of the hack for the 2 houses, to bring the dust to the center of the houses and remove it with the beige brush. (The purpose of this action is to remove dust on the ice to improve the quality of ice).